Let’s say it’s true — let’s say you know 1000%, beyond a shadow of a doubt — you know that you would take a bullet for your child. Let me ask you this: why are so many people trying to assassinate your baby?

Paul F. Tompkins

Have you ever seen someone so heinous you want to walk up to them and go, ‘Excuse me, where are your friends? Who do I blame for this being in public right now? Who said to you, “You’re ready, let’s go”? ‘Cause I’d like to have a word with them. Apparently, they’ve run out of shame.’

Josh Sneed

They sell book lights now, a little spotlight you attach to your book. You know, I actually thought about buying one of these, and then I remembered, I own a lamp.

Todd Barry

Throwing acid is wrong in some people’s eyes.

Jimmy Carr

But you can’t let something that’s “weird” get in the way of what’s right and wrong, you know. I think with prop 8, you know, I think it was prop 8, gay people want to get married. I grew up in a world where I’m not used to seeing two gay men that are married, but that doesn’t let me say that that’s wrong, it’s just weird when I see it and eventually I’ll fucking get used to it, right?

And sometimes people go, “Ahh…” You know these people who are like, “Ahh…what’s next?” It’s all they say when stuff - “What’s next?” When women got to vote, you know they didn’t say, “It’s about fucking time!” they went, “What’s next?”

You know when black people were allowed to marry white people they went, “What’s next?” I don’t know, something else overdue and righteous you pile of dumb-fuck!

Todd Glass

Adam Ferrara


Born: February 2, 1966

Genre: Storytelling, Observational

Topics: Personal life, relationships

Adam Ferrara is real. He connects. IIIIIIII like him.

His main special Funny as Hell is such an honest look at his relationship with his family and former girlfriend. He manages to juxtapose incredibly funny material with heartbreaking and heart warming tales. That is talent. Especially considering he also acts and hosts a TV show (American TopGear).

His humor is sometimes like Brian Regan where it is… grandiose, for lack of a better word. It’s expressive and is better seen and heard, than heard alone.

This intro sucks. Just watch him.

One More Thing Before I Go [CD]

Have Some [CD]

Both CDs available for purchase on his website

Funny as Hell(2009) [DVD/Digital]

DVD available for purchase on Amazon and his website

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